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The Austrian ID card

On 02.08.2021, the new ID card was launched in Austria with a completely revised design. The new ID card will replace the previous ID card in the years to come. The practical polycarbonate-based ID card is not only very robust and secure on the outside – it also protects your personal identity with a variety of security features – from high-quality UV printing and chip to laser tilted image and the new QR code on the back. The physical and digital security features of the new ID card ensure the maximum protection of personal identity at home and abroad. Get to know the new ID card and learn more about the simple and straightforward verification of its most important security features.


Security features

The new ID card comes with a large number of new security features that forgers will find near-impossible to imitate.

The most prominent security features include the chip already known from the passport; the significantly enlarged image on the front or the laser tilted image.
The new security features also include the new QR code, which stores the name, the photo depicted on the ID card and the "MRZ" ("Machine Readable Zone"). You can easily and securely check the new QR code digitally using the free CHECK-AT app. All the information given in the QR code is also shown on the ID card and enables a quick comparison.

Do you recognise the movement in the flag?

Tilt the ID card slightly back and forth. The tilting movement should make a movement visible in the red-white-red flag.
Example picture of the moving flag

Movement in the flag

Front side of the Austrian ID card with highlighted flag in the middle


Front side of the Austrian ID card with highlighted tiltable image in the middle


Can you recognise the transition between the facial image and the validity date?

Tilt the ID card back and forth. You should see, in alternating fashion, only the facial image or only the validity date of the ID card.
Example of the facial image with validity date

Transition of facial image and validity date

Can you feel the raised CAN number?

Slide your finger over the CAN number on the lower right side of the ID card. The CAN number should be raised and noticeable.
Example image of the raised CAN number

Raised CAN number

Front side of the Austrian ID card with highlighted CAN number in the bottom right area


Easy to verify thanks to CHECK-AT app

The CHECK-AT app is your digital support for the uncomplicated verification of the new Austrian passport and ID card since 02.08.2021. Use the app to easily and securely check the QR code and other security features on the latest generation of the Austrian passport and ID card. Download the CHECK-AT app now for free.

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Everything about the ID card

The most important questions & answers about CHECK-AT and the ID card

What can you do with your ID card?

The ID card serves as proof of identity and nationality. Austrian citizenship is a prerequisite for the issuance of an Austrian ID card. In Austria, the ID card, among other things, is considered to be an official photo ID. A travel document must be carried every time you cross the border, even when travelling to the EU or Schengen states. This also applies to short-term journeys abroad. When travelling within the EU or within the Schengen area respectively, a travel document not only comes in the form of a passport, but also a valid ID card. Further information can be found at

What data is stored on the chip of the ID card?

The following data is stored on the chip of the ID card: It contains the same data (except for the signature and the size of the ID card holder) that is also visible on the ID card itself. In addition, from the age of 12, the fingerprint images of two fingers are also stored on the chip. In the new generation of Austrian ID cards, this sensitive data is securely stored on the chip and protected against unauthorised access. In this way, the ID card is even more clearly assigned to its owner and offers strong protection against identity theft and forgery.

What can I do with the QR code on my new ID card?

The QR code is an additional security feature on the new ID card. The QR code, like the other security features, serves to make Austrian identity documents even more secure. The QR code can be securely read and checked using the specially developed, free CHECK-AT app.

What data is retrieved by the app at start-up and during a scan?

On start-up, the app downloads the current certificates for the cryptographic check and the instructions for the manual check (check steps). Nothing is retrieved during a scan.

What data is contained in the QR code?

In addition to the personal data listed above, the QR code also contains digital security information: a signature, a random number and a signature ID. The signature corresponds to the cryptographic signature value of the QR code data. The random number is used to reinforce the long-term security of the QR code. The signature ID serves as a reference for the CHECK-AT app to select the appropriate certificate to verify the digital signature of the QR code.

Can the QR code only be read with the official CHECK-AT app?

No, a QR code can, in principle, be read with any QR code scanner. However, the content is not displayed correctly when read with other QR code scanners.

Does the CHECK-AT app require registration?

No. The app can be used without registration. It can be downloaded free of charge from the official App Store for iOS or the official Play Store for Android. To prevent the distribution of scams and illegal duplicates of the app, it can only be downloaded from these two official stores.

Is the new ID card only valid together with the CHECK-AT app?

No, the physical ID card serves as proof of personal identity and Austrian citizenship. The digital CHECK-AT app makes it easy to check the new Austrian ID card. The app gives citizens a straightforward way to improve document verification.

What permissions does the app require to be fully functional?

The app requires permissions for the camera and the Internet.

Where can I go if I have any questions?

Please check the FAQ section to see if there is an answer to your question. If you still have any further questions, please contact the info address

What are the new security features of the new ID card?

The new security features include the chip with biometric data, the significantly enlarged image on the front, a see-through window in the ID card and the new QR code on the reverse of the ID card. In addition thereto, a multitude of other security features secure the ID card and thus the identity of citizens.

Why does the new ID card have a chip and QR code?

The new security features now protect the ID card on several levels. Classic security features such as elaborate UV printing, laser tilt images or a see-through window containing an area with temperature-reactive ink already ensure a high level of security. In addition to these features, the new ID card is protected with a QR code and a chip on a digital level. This bundle of security measures provides the highest level of protection against tampering and counterfeiting.

Will personal data be retrieved during the QR code check?

The personal data is stored directly in the QR code. After scanning the QR code, the content of the code is displayed by the CHECK-AT app. There is no retrieval from an official register, as all data is contained directly in the QR code. As a security measure, special certificates are required to verify the signature, which the CHECK-AT app automatically downloads onto the user’s own device. The verification of this signature and all necessary calculations are done on the device itself.

What personal data is processed in the CHECK-AT app?

Photograph, name, gender, citizenship, date of birth, issuing state, type of document, ID card number and the period of validity. When the app is started, certificates and test steps are checked for topicality and re-downloaded if necessary. In the course thereof, the IP address and the user agent (name and version of the app) are also logged. No cookies, no sessions and no market research data are collected.

Is personal data sent to the mobile phone used for checking during a scan? Can data be stored there?

When the QR code is scanned, the data depicted in the QR code is only displayed on the verifying device, but is not forwarded via the app at any time. The CHECK-AT app does not offer any technical possibility to forward the data to other programmes, devices or persons. The app does not offer the possibility to save the data on the verifying device.

Where can I download the CHECK-AT app?

The CHECK-AT app can be downloaded for free from the App Store (iOS) or Play Store (Android). Please note, that the CHECK-AT app is not listed in the Huawei AppGallery.

Does the scan include a check to see if it is a document that has been reported stolen or lost?

No, scanning is only done on the verifying device. There is no retrieval from an official register, as all data is contained directly in the QR code. Therefore, there is no check to see if it concerns a document that has been reported as stolen or lost.

Can I verify my identity with the CHECK-AT app?

No. The digital CHECK-AT app is a tool for checking the new ID card. The CHECK-AT app is not a digital ID card.

What are the minimum technical requirements for the CHECK-AT service?

The CHECK-AT app is compatible with Android version 8.0 (or newer) and iOS version 15 (or newer). The CHECK-AT website ( can be used on PCs or laptops via common browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari or Microsoft Edge. For mobile devices, Google Chrome (Android) and Apple Safari (iOS) are supported. In order to ensure its proper display, it is recommended that you use the latest version of the browser you are using.

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