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The Austrian emergency passport

The newly designed Austrian emergency passport was successfully launched on April 1st, 2022. As the first representative of the new generation of Austrian passports, it comes with a completely revised design. If the personal passport gets lost, stolen or otherwise unavailable, the new emergency passport can be issued as an emergency replacement. The new emergency passport comes with a large number of new security features and protects the personal identity if the personal passport is not available.


Security features

The emergency passport brings with it a multitude of new security features. From the cover to the last page, the difference is noticeable.

The entire cover of the emergency passport has been completely renewed and, with a special imprint in Braille, also makes it legible for people with impaired vision.
The insides are presented in a completely revised design and with an unmistakable influence from Austrian identity and culture. The decorations in visible light are artistic renderings of iconic Austrian landscapes as well as the Austrian national anthem.

Do you see Braille writing on the cover?

The cover is cream white with Braille for the visually impaired. The word "Österreich" can be clearly felt in Braille.
Example image of the braille on the cover

Braille on the cover

Front of the Austrian emergency passport with Braille highlighted in the center


Page 4 of the emergency passport with the edelweiss highlighted in the center


See the Edelweiss watermark on page 4?

Page 4 of the emergency passport shows an artistic depiction of one of the most famous plants in Austria: the Edelweiss. It must be clearly recognizable as a watermark under backlight.
Example image of the edelweiss


Do you feel the tactile letter on the emergency passport vignette?

The letter „A“ is visible in the upper, central area of the stuck-in emergency passport vignette. The letter „A“ must be felt with the finger.
Example image of the tactile letter „A“

Tactile letter „A“

Emergency passport visa with punched Letters highlighted

Emergency passport visa

Everything about the emergency passport

The most important questions and answers about the emergency passport

Why is there a need of a new emergency passport?

The new emergency passport is part of an overall project for new Austrian passports and includes a large number of new security features that protect the emergency passport even better against manipulation.

Why did I still receive an old emergency passport after April 1st, 2022?

The new emergency passport will generally be issued from April 1st, 2022. However, existing stocks of the previous emergency passport will also still be issued.

How much does the new emergency passport cost?

The costs for the emergency passport remain unchanged and amount to 75.90 euros for adults and 30 euros for minors after the 2nd birthday or 75.90 euros from the 12th birthday. For minors before their second birthday, the emergency passport is free of charge when issued for the first time.

The new emergency passport includes a QR code. What information is contained in the QR code?

The QR code can be scanned and redirects users to the website of the “CHECK-AT” service of the Austrian Federal Ministry of the Interior ( The website of the “CHECK-AT” service offers simple and uncomplicated information on the most important security features of Austrian identity documents. The “Check-AT” service currently includes the Austrian identity card and the new Austrian emergency passport. With the information provided, users can make an authenticity check of a supported document even wihtout prior special knowledge.

What has changed with the emergency passport?

The new emergency passport has a completely redesigned cover. An innovation on the cover is the position of the Austrian national emblem (an eagle) in gold print and the Braille print for people with impaired vision. The insides have also been redesigned and new, modern security features were implemented. One of them shows Austria's most famous flowers: the Edelweiss. In addition, the emergency passport vignette was newly developed and provided with several new security features.

Why does the new emergency passport get released before the new passport?

As part of the overall project for new Austrian passports, the entire passport family is being revised and presented with a completely renewed design and with many new security features. Since the emergency passport is an emergency document and contains fewer pages, a different data page and no biometric chip, the re-development of the document was successfully completed earlier. The completely renewed emergency passport is therefore available to all citizens even earlier.

Has anything changed when applying for the emergency passport?

No, the application for the document remains unchanged. Further details can be found at

Version: v1.17.4